Carnaval de Ensenada, February 1997



01 " New Year's Eve "

06 " Dia de Reyes "

" The Gray Whales " Every year from January through March, thousands of California gray whales journey over 6,000 miles from the cold waters of the Bering Sea to the warm breeding grounds of the central Baja California lagoons. For more information and tours appointments contact, Mr. Susarrey, ( from the U.S. dial ) 011-5261- 78-21-85.


02 " Candelaria Day "

14 " San Valentine's Day "

11-20 " World Tournament of Surfing at Todos Santos Island " For more information contact Mr. Ricardo Dominguez, (619) 486-0370 or 011-5261-76-36-49

19-24 " Carnaval " As one of Ensenada most popular event, the carnaval attracts a multitude of visitors; live entertainment will keep you dancing in the streets to the rhythms of ranchero, rock'n roll and tropical beats. For information contact the carnaval committee, 011-5261-78-29-88 .

24 " Flag Day "


21 " First Day of Spring "


03-05 " San Vicente Ferrer 200 mile Off Road Race " San Vicente off road race for motorcycles and all types of off road vehicles. For more information contact Mr. Ramon Castro, 011-5261-76-16-37, 77-00-34

18 " Spring Rosarito-Ensenada Fun Bicycle Race " A scenic 50 mile ride on the free road with over 9000 participants starting in front of the Rosarito beach hotel, the finish line fiesta is open to the public, and is held at Manzana Ocho. For registration forms are available at most southern California bicycle shops. For information contact Bicycling West, (619) 583-3001.

18 " Gastronomic Fair " The finish line fiesta open to the public, is held at Manzana Ocho and includes live music, dancing, food booths and a free beer for every participant.For information contact Mr. Guillermo Rodriguez, 011-5261- 76-50-55

24-26 " Newport to Ensenada International Yacht Race" The world's largest international yachting regatta, starts in New Port beach, Ca. and ends in Ensenada, B.C. Mexico, this historic event is expected to draw more than 600 yachts and over 10,000 participants. For information contact Mr. Carlos Avila, 011-5261- 74-01-09

23-25 " The Baja World Off Road Championship Short Course Race " An off road championship short race, for motorcycles and off road vehicles at the Estero Beach hotel located 6 miles south of Ensenada. For more information contact Mr. Gerardo Novelo, 011-5261-76-62-25, 76-62-35

30 " Children's Day "


01 " Labor Day "

10 " Mother's Day "

01-15 " National Sister Cities Conference " As a result of the extensive efforts of city councilwoman Maria Luisa Morales, Ensenada won the bid to host the National Sister Cities Conference, the convention is expected to attract over 1000 attendees from all of Mexico and the Southern California areas. For information contacted her, ( from the U.S. dial ) 011-5261-76-19-90

? " Fiesta of The Flowering Vineyards " In Valle de Guadalupe located in the Tecate Hwy. turn west to the town of Francisco Zarco.Presented by the Baja California Association of Winemakers. For information contact Mr. Hugo De Acosta at Bodegas Santo Tomas, 011-5261-74-08-36

? " XVIII Annual Fiesta La Mision " The annual Fiesta La Mision commemorates the discovery of the valley by spanish explorers in 1769 and celebrates the region's rich mission history, fiesta La Mision is held on the patios and grounds adjoining the primary school and preserved mision ruins at Km.65.5 on the Tijuana-Ensenada free road (exit south from toll road at La Fonda). For additional information contact Mr. Mario Reyes in Tijuana at the UABC school of tourism, 011-5266-82-10-33.

? " Señorita Bella Cenicienta Beauty Contest " The participants are young girls from Ensenada, this event will take place in the Gran Chaparral salon. For information contact de entertainment committee, 011-5261-78-29-88


05-07 " Score Baja 500 Miles Off Road Race " Famous international off road race where intrepid drivers traverse a 500 mile course through Baja's often forbidding mountain, valley, forest and desert landscape. For additional information contact Score international, (818) 583-8440.

14 " Children's Athlete Race, Corre Niño Corre " All the participants are children and young people under 15 years old. For additional information contact Mr. Richard Kozlowski, (619) 689-8930

? " Tecate-Ensenada Relay Bicycle Race " Participants depart form Tecate town square and travel scenic highway 3 to the finish line at Parque Revolucion in downtown Ensenada. For more information contact Mr. Richard Kozlowski, (619) 689-8930.

? " Tecate-Ensenada Fun Bicycle Ride " The Participants depart from Tecate to the finish line in Ensenada at Parque Revolucion located in downtown. For information contact Mr. Richard Kozlowski, (619) 689-8930.

28-30 " American IndyCar Series A.I.S. Baja 100 Km. " The thrill and excitement of high speed racing hits the streets of Ensenada this summer, those who enjoy the pulsating power of high-performance racing will not want to miss either event. For information contact Baja Pro, 011-5261-76-27-80


03-05 " Ojos Negros 200 Miles Off Road Race " A night race, the third in a series of six off road events for motorcycles and 4 wheel vehicles. For information contact Mr. Ramon Castro, ( from the U.S. dial ) 011-5261-77-00-34

? " Estero Beach Volleyball Tournament " Over 5000 participants compete for cash prizes on 250 courts at Estero Beach resort, six miles south of Ensenada. For information contact estero beach hotel, 011-5261-76-62-25

? " Expo Ensenada Summer Festival " There's something for everyone at this huge fair featuring regional foods, rides, games, exhibitions and live music from local, national and international entertainers at Manzana Ocho, across from the Riviera del Pacifico. For information contact the Festival Committee, 011-5261-78-29-88

? " Baja Open Beach Volleyball Tournament " Teams from both sides of the border will compete for a purse of $1000 dlls. at El Faro Beach six miles south of Ensenada. For information contact Mr. Arturo Martinez, 011-5261-77-66-00, 74-06-27

? " Coast to Coast Mission Cavalcade " Cowboys commemorate the fiesta of their patron saint, Santo Domingo, with an 80 mile trail ride from the ranch town of Algodones in the Sierra San Pedro Martir to Mision Santo Domingo in Col. Vicente Guerrero, just north of San Quintin, a traditional fiesta will be held at the adobe ruins of this Dominican mission founded in 1775. For information contact Mr. Tomas Guerrero, 011-52616- 6-23-11

27 " Santiago Day " The house of Spain organize a celebration on this day, with traditional plates, music and events from Spain, it will take place on the hotel Quintas Papagayo. For more information contact the house of Spain, 011-5261-78-75-55


07-16 " Grape Harvest Festival " Is presented by Bodegs Santo Tomas, Bodegas San Antonio, Casa Domecq, Cavas Valmar, Chateau Camou, Mogor Badan and Monte Xanic wineries. For more information contact travel agency Damiana, ( from the U.S. dial ) 011-5261-74-01-70

? " Maneadero Agricultural Fair " Activities from the region, jaripeos, popular dances, music and other attractions. For information call, 011-52615-4-00-75

? " Arts & Crafts Fair " More than 20 artists, designers and exporters of Ensenada arts and crafts will present their wares including pottery, basket weaving, dried flower arrangements, papier mache, clothing and ironwork at the Centro Artesanal on Blvd. Lazaro Cardenas and Castillo street. For more information contact Mr. Adalberto Perez, 1-800-310-9687, 011-5261-74-03-94 .

15-16 " Hobie Cat Regatta Race Todos Santos " In the category of hobby fleet 4, this event will take place in La Joya tourist camp, at el Zorrillo town south of Ensenada on highway one. For information contact Mr. Ross Tyler, (619) 268-0125.

? " Cultural Week at La Bufadora " The Locatarios Association of La Bufadora, organize this event in La Bufadora located 16 miles southeast of Ensenada on Highway 1, with activities of photography, dances, painters, music, arts and dishes of the region.


16 " Independence Day "

? " Patriots Feasts " Traditional Mexican festivity, that commemorates the important dates of this month in the history of Mexico, we celebrate with a series of activities such as dances, music, entertainment, arts etc. of the region of Ensenada, it will take place in the downtown of the city. For additional information contact the feast committee, ( from the U.S. dial ) 011-5261-78-29-88

13 " Ensenada International Seafood Fair " This international event invites all the restaurants from Tijuana, Rosarito, Tecate and southern California to participate with the best specialities in seafood, the jury is conform by international and recognize chefs. For information contact the chamber of restaurants, 011-5261-74-04-48

? " Cabrillo Festival " A celebration that commemorates de discovery of Todos Santos Bay (Ensenada). For information call the feast committee, 011-5261-78-29-88

19 ' Chili Cook Off Fiesta " This salsa contest will take place in the Quintas Papagayo hotel. For information and entry forms contact Mr. Vicente Cobo, (011-5261-74-45-75

25-27 " San Felipe 200 Miles Off Road Race " An off-road race for motorcycles and vehicles, taken place in San Felipe. For more information contact Mr. Ramon Castro, 011-5261- 78-17-14, 78-20-35

25-27 " Baja 1.5 Miles Race " A race for motorcycles and vehicles in a ten lap course, at the Estero Beach hotel located 6 miles south of Ensenada. For more information call this hotel, ( from the U.S. dial ) 011-5261-76-62-25 .

26 " Rosarito-Ensenada Autumn Bicycle Ride " A scenic 50 mile ride on the free road, with over 9000 or more participants, starting in Rosarito and finish line in Ensenada downtown. For more information call the bicycling west, (619) 583-3001.

26 " Gastronomic Fair " After the bicycle race there will be a fiesta for the participants, in the Manza Ocho with live music, arts & craft, food, etc. For information contact Mr. Guillermo Rodriguez, 011-5261- 76-05-55 . OCTOBER

03-04 " Mexican Surfing Tournament " Once again this event will take place at San Miguel Beach, passing the last toll gate from Tijuana-Ensenada road, participants of Mexico and Southern California compete for the first prize. For additional information, (619) 486-0370.

? " Real Del Castillo Festival " The festivities will take place at el Real del Castillo town located 12 km. on the road to Ojos Negros, west of Ensenada, a traditional mexican fiesta, music, dances etc. For information contact Mr. & Mrs. Taboada, ( from the U.S. dial> 011-5261-78-60-38 .

? " Hispanish Day " The House of Spain organize an event that will take place in the quintas papagayo hotel, with activities like a Contest of Paella, wine tasting, music and more. For additional information call the house of Spain, 011-5261-78-75-55

? " Fiesta Viva " Expo fiesta that promotes the industrial, comercial, tourist and social development of Ensenada city, and a mexican fiesta to. For information contact the tourism office, 011-5261-78-23-22 NOVEMBER

01 " Skeleton and Altar Race " An event where the participants are children under 12 years old, with costumes that commemorates the day of the dead. For more information contact the foundation Corre Niñdecoratingo Corre, ( from the U.S. dial ) 011-5261-78-18-11.

02 " Day of The Dead " On this day nationwide holiday, mexicans honor their deceased loved ones by visiting and decorating graves and cemeteries, building home altars and preparing special foods for the departed.

11-14 " Score Baja 1000 Miles Off Road Race " Famous international off road race where intrepid drivers traverse a 1000 mile course through Baja California State. For additional information call score international, (818) 583-8440.

20 " Mexican Revolution Day "


? " Traditional Mexican Posada " A celebration of the holiday season with nine days of nightly street processions that re-create the Holy Family's traditional search for an inn, songs, ceremonial dances, seasonal foods and drinks are part of the festivities, this will take place in el Centro Artesanal, located on Blvd. Lazaro Cardenas and Castillo Street. For information, ( 1-800-310-9687.

11-13 " Ensenada-San Felipe 250 Miles Off Road Race " Though off road racing through Ojos Negros town, located 8 miles east of Ensenada. For information contact Mr. Ramon Castro, ( from the U.S. dial > 011-5261-78-17-14

25 " Christmas Day "

Ensenada ..! Live it !

Note: All events are subject to changes, please call to confirm the promoters or the next offices:

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